Allen Iverson Net Worth, Salary, Earnings

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Net Worth: $20 million

Source: basketball, endorsements

Born: June 7, 1975. Hampton, Virginia

Marital Status: Single, Divorced

Children: 5

How much money does Allen Iverson make?

Season Team Lg Yearly Salary
1996-97 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $2,267,000
1997-98 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $3,128,640
1998-99 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $3,537,000
1999-00 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $9,000,000
2000-01 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $10,130,000
2001-02 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $11,250,000
2002-03 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $12,375,000
2003-04 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $13,500,000
2004-05 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $14,625,000
2005-06 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $16,453,125
2006-07 Denver Nuggets NBA $17,184,375
2007-08 Denver Nuggets NBA $19,012,500
2008-09 Detroit Pistons NBA $20,840,625
2009-10 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $1,029,794
2009-10 Memphis Grizzlies NBA $161,386
Career (may be incomplete) $154,494,445

In 2010, Iverson got a two-year, $4 million contract with Turkish basketball club Besiktas.

Iverson broke rumors

There have been reports saying Iverson may be broke or bankrupt. This is not true according to writer Peter Vecsey. According to him, Iverson has a bank account worth $32 million, a principal he is not allowed to touch until he turns 55. In the meantime, it gives him $1 million annually.

A age 45,  Iverson will also get about $8,000 a month from his NBA pension.

Endorsement Deals and Sponsors

In 1996, Reebok signed Allen Iverson to a 10 year $50 million endorsement contract. His Reebok sneaker the “The Answer” was a big seller. In November 2001, he got a lifetime extension on that contract. The first Reebok contract was worth $5 million a annually. Apparently, that yearly payout is guaranteed for life.

Iverson earned $7 million from endorsement deals in 2009 and 2008.


In 2011, Iverson stopped making mortgage payments to his mansion in Colorado. Iverson who brought the home in 2008 for $3.88 million, let the six-bedroom, nine-bathroom mansion go into foreclosure and owed more than $2.5 million to the bank.

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