Charles Barkley Net Worth, Salary, Endorsements

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Net Worth: $15 million

Source: sports, basketball

Born: February 20, 1963. Leeds, Alabama

College: 1984–2000

How much money does Charles Barkley make?

Season Team Lg Yearly salary
1985-86 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $437,500
1987-88 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $822,500
1988-89 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $1,536,000
1990-91 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $2,900,000
1991-92 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $3,200,000
1992-93 Phoenix Suns NBA $2,420,000
1993-94 Phoenix Suns NBA $3,250,000
1994-95 Phoenix Suns NBA $4,030,000
1995-96 Phoenix Suns NBA $4,760,000
1996-97 Houston Rockets NBA $4,695,000
1997-98 Houston Rockets NBA $2,250,000
1998-99 Houston Rockets NBA $1,000,000
1999-00 Houston Rockets NBA $9,000,000
Career (may be incomplete) $40,301,000

In 2000, Barkley became a studio analyst for TNT (Inside the NBA). In 2002, he signed a contract extension with TNT to continue analyzing NBA games at a salary of $1.5 million annually.

Barkley is known for his compulsive gambling. In an interview with ESPN’, Barkley said that he lost about $10 million through gambling.

Endorsement deals

Barkley has signed endorsement deals with Nike, McDonalds, Coca Cola, T-Mobile, Taco Bell, and Weight Watchers

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