Kenny Smith (The Jet) Net Worth, Salary

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kenny smith

Kenneth (Kenny) “The Jet” Smith

Net Worth: $5 million

Source of Wealth: sports, basketball

Born: March 8, 1965 in Queens, New York

Pro Career: 1987–1997

Kenny Smith earned his wealth by being a professional basketball player and a TV basketball analyst on TNT. He has also served as an analyst for NBA TV. Smith is a 2-time NBA champion (both with the Houston Rockets).

How much money does Kenny Smith make?


Season Team Lg Yearly Salary
1987-88 Sacramento Kings NBA $600,000
1988-89 Sacramento Kings NBA $600,000
1990-91 Houston Rockets NBA $700,000
1991-92 Houston Rockets NBA $1,633,000
1992-93 Houston Rockets NBA $1,983,000
1993-94 Houston Rockets NBA $2,150,000
1994-95 Houston Rockets NBA $2,633,000
1995-96 Houston Rockets NBA $2,683,000
1996-97 Orlando Magic NBA $190,100
Career (may be incomplete) $13,172,100

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