Kobe Bryant Net Worth, Salary, Endorsements

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Kobe Bryant

Net Worth: $150 million

Source of Wealth: Basketball, Endorsements

Born: August 23, 1978. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Children: 2

In the 2011-12 season, Bryant is the NBA’s top earning player at $53.2 million. His NBA salary earns him $25.2 million. He also makes another $28 million a year from endorsement contracts with Nike, Smart Car and others. His jersey is one of the top selling in the NBA.

How much money does Kobe Bryant make?

Season Team Lg Annual Salary
1996-97 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $1,015,000
1997-98 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $1,167,240
1998-99 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $1,319,000
1999-00 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $9,000,000
2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $10,130,000
2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $11,250,000
2002-03 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $12,375,000
2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $13,500,000
2004-05 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $14,175,000
2005-06 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $15,946,875
2006-07 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $17,718,750
2007-08 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $19,490,625
2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $21,262,500
2009-10 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $23,034,375
2010-11 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $24,806,250
Career (may be incomplete) $196,190,615

2010- Signed a 3 year $84 million extension with the Los Angeles Lakers
2004 – Signed a 7 year $136.4 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers
1999 -Signed a 6 year $70 million contract extension with Los Angeles Lakers
1996 – Signed a 3 year $3.5 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers

Paid endorsements and sponsors

Bryant has signed endorsements deals with:
Nike – Nike’s Hyperdunk shoes; the Zoom Kobe IV; and Nike Zoom Kobe V.
The Coca-Cola Company – (Sprite, Vitamin Water)
Spalding (NBA Infusion Ball)
Upper Deck
Ferrero SpA’s (Nutella spread)
Russell Corporation
Nubeo (high-end watch brand)
Guitar Hero World Tour
Call of Duty: Black Op
Turkish Airlines (Turkey’s national airline) – Two year endorsement deal
Video game covers – NBA 2K10; NBA ’09: The Inside; NBA ’07: Featuring the Life Vol. 2

Before the start of his rookie year in the NBA (1996), Kobe signed a 6-year contract with Adidas worth about $48 million.

In February of 2001, McDonald’s signed Kobe to a $10 million endorsement deal. But many companies like McDonald’s and Ferrero SpA terminated his contracts after he was charged with sexual assault in 2003.

Bryant has appeared in commercials Guitar Hero World Tour video game in 2008, and Call of Duty: Black Ops in 2010

Bryant signed a five-year, $45 million deal with Nike in June 2003. In 2007, he signed a multi-year extension with them.

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