Scottie Pippen Net Worth, Salary,

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Steve Lipofsky

Scottie Pippen

Net Worth: $8 million

Source:sports, basketball

Born: September 25, 1965 in Hamburg, Arkansas, U.S.

College: University of Central Arkansas

How much money did Scottie Pippen make?

Season Team Lg Salary
1987-88 Chicago Bulls NBA $725,000
1988-89 Chicago Bulls NBA $575,000
1990-91 Chicago Bulls NBA $765,000
1991-92 Chicago Bulls NBA $2,770,000
1992-93 Chicago Bulls NBA $3,425,000
1993-94 Chicago Bulls NBA $3,075,000
1994-95 Chicago Bulls NBA $2,225,000
1995-96 Chicago Bulls NBA $2,925,000
1996-97 Chicago Bulls NBA $2,250,000
1997-98 Chicago Bulls NBA $2,775,000
1998-99 Houston Rockets NBA $11,000,000
1999-00 Portland Trail Blazers NBA $14,795,642
2000-01 Portland Trail Blazers NBA $13,750,000
2001-02 Portland Trail Blazers NBA $18,083,564
2002-03 Portland Trail Blazers NBA $19,727,524
2003-04 Chicago Bulls NBA $4,917,000
2004-05 Chicago Bulls NBA $5,408,700
Career (may be incomplete) $109,192,430

Paid endorsements and sponsors

Pippen had paid endorsement deals with Nike, Mr. Submarine, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Zipplin!, and Right Guard.

Poor investment decisions

Pippen wasn’t good with handling money when playing. He reportedly lost about $27 million in bad investments in his career.

He  borrowed $4.375 million to purchase a Gulfstream II jet in 2002. Even though he earned over $100 million playing in the NBA, Pippen couldn’t pay the  bills on his private jet, and was later ordered to pay the debt-holder $5 million.

In 2011, there were reports by a few media outlets saying Pippen was bankrupt. Pippen reacted by suing these media outlets for falsely reporting he was broke.

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