Vince Carter Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Endorsements

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Vincent Lamar “Vince” Carter

Net Worth: $60 million

Source of Wealth: sports, basketball

Born: January 26, 1977 in Daytona Beach, Florida

College: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Vince Carter earned his wealth playing basketbal in the NBA. Carter won the NBA Rookie of the Year award in 1999. He is an 8-time NBA All-Star. Carter is known for his amazing dunks. In 2000, he won the Slam Dunk Contest at the All-Star Game.

How much money Vince Carter does make?

Season Team Lg Yearly Salary
1998-99 Toronto Raptors NBA $1,760,000
1999-00 Toronto Raptors NBA $2,267,280
2000-01 Toronto Raptors NBA $2,425,440
2001-02 Toronto Raptors NBA $3,073,032
2002-03 Toronto Raptors NBA $10,067,750
2003-04 Toronto Raptors NBA $11,326,219
2004-05 New Jersey Nets NBA $12,584,688
2005-06 New Jersey Nets NBA $13,843,156
2006-07 New Jersey Nets NBA $15,101,625
2007-08 New Jersey Nets NBA $13,320,000
2008-09 New Jersey Nets NBA $14,724,125
2009-10 Orlando Magic NBA $16,300,000
2010-11 Phoenix Suns NBA $17,300,000
2011-12 Phoenix Suns NBA $18,300,000
2011-12 Dallas Mavericks NBA $3,000,000
Career (may be incomplete) $155,393,315

2011 – Signed a 1 year, $3 million contract with the Dallas Mavericks.
2007 – Signed a 4 year, $61.8 million contract with the New Jersey Nets.
2001 – Signed a 6 year, $85 million extension with the Toronto Raptors
1999 – Signed a 3 year, $6.45 million contract with Toronto Raptors.

Paid endorsements and sponsors

Vince Carter earned about $5 million a year from endorsements

He has gotten endorsement deals with:
Nike (shoes)
Fleer (trading cards)
Microsoft (video games, “NBA Inside Drive”)
Nerf (toys)
Dave & Buster’s (restaurants)
Wilson (basketballs)
Bell Canada (telecommunications)
Dreams (memorabilia)
Cadbury’s (candy)
SkyBox (trading cards)
Spalding (basketballs)
Kellogg’s (cereal, food)

In 2010, Carter opened an upscale restaurant (called Vince Carter’s) in Daytona, Florida.

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