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Cleetus Mcfarland Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Girlfriend, Bio



Cleetus Mcfarland

Cleetus McFarland is a well-known businessman and YouTube personality in the United States and a social media celebrity.

He is well-known in the United States as the owner of the Freedom Factory, a car racing track in Bradenton, Florida. In 2020, Cleetus appeared as a guest host on the television show Faster with Finnegan.

Early Life

Garrett Mitchell, also known as Cleetus Mcfarland, is a 27-year-old man born on April 5, 1995. In Omaha, Nebraska, he was born. Lori Edwards Mitchell and Mark Mitchell, Cleetus McFarland’s parents

This internet celebrity is extremely close with his mother, Lori Edwards Mitchell. She was highlighted several times on his Instagram.

However, I could not locate any information regarding his father “Mark Mitchell,” yet he is also on the Instagram platform.

His brother “Parker Mitchell,” who graduated from a dental school in 2017, is the other member of his family who is accessible over the internet.

Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

On April 5, 1995, Cleetus Mcfarland was born. He will be 26 years old in 2022. He stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 79 kilograms. His hair is blonde, and he has blue eyes. He is of Native American ancestry and is a Christian.


Cleetus McFarland transferred to a local school in Omaha. He then enrolled at the University of Tampa in Omaha to continue his education.

He posted a video on Facebook in which he revealed his admission to a law school, but he removed it to focus on his YouTube career.

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Personal Life

Cleetus McFarland is currently in a relationship with a woman named Kayla. She appeared in two of his YouTube videos, “My Girlfriend Learns to STICK in a 900hp Corvette” and “Exotic shopping with my girlfriend.”

Professional Career

McFarland launched his primary YouTube channel on June 29, 2009. However, numerous sources state that before his rise to stardom with his Cleetus McFarland Youtube channel, he worked for 1320Video creating automotive material.

At the time, he was also submitting content to his other social media channels, but he was having difficulty capturing the public’s interest. Garrett Mitchell was likewise a full-time student until he decided to go online.

Cooper Bogetti and James Taal are his team members who assist him in creating incredible material. His debut video, “RC Boat Formula Fastech Brushless Crash,” has accumulated over 84,000 views.

This internet celebrity mostly entertains his followers by sharing videos about fast automobiles, hilarious content, and wild viral game challenges.

His third video, dubbed “2000+HP Lamborghini Crashes Into Lake Angle #2,” went viral on the internet shortly after it was uploaded on January 25, 2015, garnering over 648+ K views within a few days.

“TURBO EXHAUST WHISTLES vs. 841hp CORVETTE!” was the video that catapulted him to worldwide renown. It was uploaded to his main channel on December 03, 2016, and is currently his most-watched video.

Cleetus2 McFarland is his second YouTube account, which he launched on May 29, 2019, with the video “I Tried To Buy an Oscar Meyer Wiener Truck Off of Craigslist,” which currently has 344+ thousand views.

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Cleetus Mcfarland Net Worth, Salary & Earnings in 2022

Cleetus Mcfarland Net Worth
Cleetus Mcfarland Net Worth

Cleetus McFarland’s Net Worth is predicted to exceed $4 million in May 2022. He owns the YouTube channel Cleetus McFarland, which has approximately 2.8 million subscribers.

In the last 12 years, he has uploaded over 1,000 films that have received over 935 million views. He publishes approximately five videos per week.

He also maintains a second YouTube channel, Cleetus2 McFarland, with a sizable following. He uploads short movies ranging from three to ten minutes in length and live streams lasting between two and three hours.

Additionally, he receives money through the “sponsorship videos” he puts on his YouTube page. Perhaps not in terms of money, but most certainly inexpensive auto parts.

Cleetus McFarland is the owner of Cleetus Merch, an online goods brand. It comprises t-shirts ($20–$25), caps ($25–$30), sunglasses ($65), and personalized stickers ($4.99).

Considering the preceding, we are certain that Cleetus McFarland’s net worth is at least $4 million, if not more.

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