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Elissa Victoria Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Bio



Elissa Victoria

Elissa Victoria is a Houston, Texas-based YouTube personality. She has risen to prominence in recent years. Her videos with the Nissan 350Z have received a lot of interest since she began uploading them. She also shared a couple of driving videos with her sister, which have gotten a lot of attention recently.

Elissa began her career on YouTube in 2013 and enjoyed uploading automobile and bike riding videos. Victoria recently reached 55K followers on her TikTok page, ‘melissa victoria.’

She has also shared a few videos with her family. She is performing well on YouTube now, which she hopes will result in a nice paycheck.

Early Life

She was born in Houston, Texas, on 24 March 2001. She has kept her family history and former life private, as she is a very private person in her personal life.

However, it is widely known that she was an early enthusiast for automobiles and motorcycles. Occasionally, she has included references to her parents and siblings in her videos.

Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Elissa Victoria was born on 24 March 2001, making her 20 years old at the time of this writing. Apart from this, Elissa is well-known for her stunning appearance.

Elissa is of average height, standing at 5 Ft 8 Inches, and has an average body weight of 65 Kg. She also has fair skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair.


Elissa Victoria attended a local elementary school in her hometown. There is scant information available about her schooling years.

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However, according to sources, Elissa Victoria has graduated; however, there is little information accessible about his educational background.

Personal Life

Elissa Victoria is an avid collector of automobiles and motorcycles. She adores playing with them, their accessories, colors, and virtually anything else. She has a tremendous affinity for automobiles and motorcycles. However, when it comes to her marital status, she remains unmarried.

On the other hand, Elissa Victoria has a boyfriend named Ethan Katsura. He, like her spouse, has a profession and enjoys doing the same thing with her.

Additionally, the couple was blessed with a daughter, Eliyanah, born in July 2020. They have a great bond and are living their lives on another level.

Professional Career

Elissa began her YouTube career in 2018 by producing a variety of bike and automobile-related videos and vlogs. Although she launched her YouTube channel on 15 June 2013 using her given name. However, at the time, she was using it purely for recreational purposes.

When she realized she might succeed on YouTube, she began submitting videos to her channel.

As with everyone else, she first struggled to gain many subscribers. However, she was aware of the adage that the first stage is always the most difficult.

Considering this, she decided to continue making movies and vlogs about her car and bike. Later on, she amassed a sizable following in a short period.

She was encouraged and inspired by her efforts after viewing this. What remained was excellent career preparation. She then uploaded nearly everything she knew about automobiles and vehicles.

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Occasionally, she demonstrated how cars and bikes are constructed and their interior components. She has covered everything on her channel, from their paintings to essential accessories.

Elissa Victoria Net Worth, Salary & Earnings in 2022

Elissa Victoria Net Worth
Elissa Victoria Net Worth

Elissa Victoria’s net worth is believed to be $700,000. She earns the most of her money from her YouTube channel, which has thousands of subscribers who contribute significantly indirectly.

Apart from that, she is compensated by the Tik Tok platforms and possibly by Instagram. She can earn additional money through sponsorships and sponsored commercials on her YouTube channel and social media accounts.

Elissa also runs a little e-commerce site from which she has been generating money. Though she now has a small product line, she plans to expand in the coming years. In any case, she has amassed considerable wealth at such a young age and has the funds to live a happy life.

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