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Tokyo Vanity Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Career,  Bio



Tokyo Vanity

Tokyo Vanity is a New Orleans, Louisiana-born rapper. Her rise to stardom began with the viral success of her 2015 single “That’s my best buddy” on Instagram and Vine. Her body positivity and virginity have won her media attention.

She is the show’s youngest cast member and has won an award for being the show’s favorite cast member.

Her message of body positivity and self-acceptance has affected people worldwide. Her real name is Shantell Allen.

Early Life

Shantell Allen was born Tokyo Vanity on September 28, 1994, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. There is little information about her early life, parents, or academic background. She graduated from Huntington High School in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Tokyo originally gained prominence in 2015, when her song “That’s My Best Friend” became a viral hit on Instagram and Vine. Additionally, the video gained popularity on YouTube.

The song’s official music video debuted on YouTube on August 3, 2015. The music video has accumulated over 33 million views on YouTube to date.

Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Tokyo Vanity Age
Tokyo Vanity Age

Tokyo Vanity was born on September 28, 1994, and is 27 years old as of now. Her height is 1.70 meters, and she weighs 69 kilograms.


However, it is widely accepted that Tokyo completed her education at Shreveport’s Huntington high school. Following that, she switched to music and made it her career. She also began her career in the reality television industry.

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Personal Life

After a string of failed relationships, the multitalented reality star landed in a beautiful relationship with a handsome hunk named Jay. Her newly discovered love is not entirely unbuttoned.

On the other hand, he is a rising rapper who cannot be overlooked. Additionally, the native of New Orleans is the father of two children.

For the time being, Tokyo never tired of demonstrating her chemistry with her man. And, with everything that is going on in her life, people are already anticipating the day when she introduces them to them, her kid, with a pair of her own gorgeous eyes.

Professional Career

After posting amusing videos on Vine, Tokyo gained notoriety and quickly became a social media celebrity. She first gained popularity with her smash song That’s My Best Friend.

The video gained a large number of views on Instagram and Vine. She also appeared on Love & Hip-Hop, where most of her singles were included.

She is now starring in Love and Hip-Hop, a television series that examines the real-life hardships of women in the hip-hop business. Tokyo is the show’s youngest cast member, having joined at 23. Despite her billing as a supporting cast member, she has appeared in thirty show episodes across two seasons.

Tokyo began her weight-loss journey after one of her friends, Sierra, expressed concern about her weight and overall health. She has documented her weight loss progress on social media and has shared multiple videos while working out.

A recent video of this type has garnered over 750,000 views. She is motivated to continue by the encouragement she receives from her internet pals.

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Tokyo maintains a robust social media presence. She has over 2.8 million Instagram followers, where she publishes photos and videos of herself rapping and having fun with her pals.

Tokyo Vanity Net Worth, Salary & Earnings in 2022

Tokyo Vanity Net Worth
Tokyo Vanity Net Worth

There is no doubt that Tokyo Vanity is now a millionaire. Tokyo Vanity’s net worth is predicted to be $1 million as of May 2022.

However, the LAHHA reality star has yet to disclose her exact net worth. It is quite improbable that Vanity will reveal her net worth anytime soon due to her extreme secrecy. Since Tokyo’s meteoric rise to prominence four years ago, she has yet to divulge her true identity.

Social Media:

Tokyo Vanity has 310k followers on Instagram @tokyo__vanity

Andrew Camarata has 283K Subscribers on Youtube

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