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Toni Fowler Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Parents, Boyfriend, Bio



Toni Fowler

Toni Fowler is a well-known actress, model, social media personality, businesswoman, Internet celebrity, and influencer from the Philippines. She gained popularity on YouTube and Instagram due to her acting, vlogs, dance, challenges, and prank videos.

Additionally, she made an appearance in the film ‘A1 ko sa’yo.’ Her great labor serves to deflect the public’s attention. She is a social media powerhouse who routinely publishes provocative photographs with her followers. Her daughter, Tyronia Fowler, joined her in creating vlogs.

Early Life

Toni Fowler was born in the Philippines and resided in Metro Manila’s Quezon City. Toni Fowler has not divulged her parents’ names, but we learned her father’s name is Late Antonio Fowler from her social media pages.

Additionally, she has added a portrait of her father. Fowler is a Christian of Filipino ancestry. Her birthright entitles her to citizenship in the Philippines.

Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Her present age is 28 now. Apart from that, Toni stands at the height of 5’6″ and weighs close to 50 kg.

Toni’s physical measurements are 30-32-26. Toni is well-known for her stunning appearance; as a result, she has black eyes and black hair, which significantly enhance her beauty.


Toni Fowler completed her studies at a neighborhood school. Toni’s educational background and college affiliation are unknown to us. Since she was a child, she has been interested in fashion and modeling.

Personal Life

Toni was in a relationship with Rob Moya, a Filipino artist. After several years of dating, the two decided to marry. They were living an extremely happy marriage. Rob also tattooed Toni’s name on her shoulder.

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After a few years of marriage, the couple was blessed with a daughter. Tyronia Fowler was her given name.

She is a lovely child. Rob Moya and Toni Fowler divorced several years after Tyronia was born. It is unknown whether they are divorced or not, but they are no longer living together.

Professional Career

Fowler began her quest toward her dream after completing her education. She desired to develop into a highly-skilled model in the film industry and social media. As a result, she pushed herself toward her objectives.

Fowler attempted everything possible to turn her into a model. And it wasn’t just any model, but a highly talented and professional one. Fowler later attempted to improve her fitness and hence frequented gyms. And now everyone can see how she seems.

It’s all due to her fitness efforts. Shen then expanded her presence on many social media platforms, including Tik Tok. Indeed, she continued to create Tik Tok videos.

Despite this, she appeared on social media platforms like Instagram, Lyka, and Facebook. All she desired was widespread popularity both within and without her country.

That is why she chose such applications. A few firms began utilizing her for product advertisements within a short period. And it was in this manner that she grew in popularity.

Toni Fowler, after that, began appearing in films and television serials. Due to her exceptional abilities, she was awarded a role in the television show “A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo.” She made her debut on the show on 1 September 2016 in a minor role as Gemma.

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Toni Fowler Net Worth, Salary & Earnings in 2022

Toni Fowler Net Worth
Toni Fowler Net Worth

Toni has amassed enormous fame. She appears in commercials for various well-known brands via her Instagram account.

She would make between USD 40 and 50k every commercial and USD 100 and 250k per month from her YouTube account. Her net worth is estimated to be between USD 11 and 13 million.

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